PRIVATE WAR (Languid Kisses, Wet Caresses) a film by Alfredo Angeli

Orfeo, during a revolt of prisoners, falls from the roof of the gaol onto the street. Being followed by the police, he seeks refuge in the villa of his patroness, Helen, a young lady who, together with some old ladies, takes care of unfortunate people. Orfeo is hidden in the attic and the good lady is thrilled at the thought of having the young man hiding above the heads of her family and her wealthy and powerful friends. It is really exciting… The attic is gradually transformed into a garconnière. Helen is only having fun, but Orfeo falls in love with her. Then he starts making holes in the floor, from which he, a poor man, can observe the world of the rich. He was previously remorseful for the damage he caused with his little thefts, but now he realises that these people steal much more than he did. Helen starts being afraid. Besides, she feels observed too closely. Orfeo, seeing her making love with her husband, becomes jealous. Now he must go back to prison. Helen promises her assistance, but the young man refuses: he will stay where he is and, if Helen calls the poli-ce, he will state she is an accomplice. Helen asks for her colleagues' advice and the three old ladies, in order to save her honour, sentence Orfeo to death. A trap is set up but Orfeo finds out, and the first victim is one of the three ladies. Subsequently, the two others will mysteriously die and then Helen's husband and Helen herself (only Tata, an 85 years old lady is spared). Orfeo comes down from the attic: the villa now belongs to him. Far how long? Maybe just far a day; but he does not mind…

ORIGINAL TITLELanguidi baci... perfide carezze
DIRECTED BYAlfredo Angeli
CASTGiovanna Ralli, Gigi Proietti, Cristiano Censi
PHOTOGRAPHYGiuliano Giustini
MUSICGuido & Maurizio De Angelis
WRITINGAlfredo Angeli, Stefano Strucchi (story), Bernardino Zapponi

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