Welcome to Filmexport Group, Italy's oldest worldsales company for feature films. Founded in 1974, our company have known a constant growth reaching a catalogue of more than 600 features, series and documentaries of all different genres, available for worldwide licensing in all rights and media. We currently represent the best Italian producers and we have more recently diversified our activity with the production of feature films and the acquisition of international theatrical pictures for domestic distribution.

Founded in 1974 by Michel Freudenstein and Roberto Di Girolamo, Filmexport Group is by far the oldest worldwide distribution company in Italy, and one of the oldest in Europe as well, with 50 years of constant activity. Since 1996, when Michel Freudenstein retired, the company has been directed by the President and CEO Roberto Di Girolamo. Filmexport Group's main focus is on the worldwide licensing of feature films, series, and documentaries for all rights and media. The company’s library, which is always in constant growth, is offering today a broad and well-balanced portfolio of feature films of all genres: from TV movies, and series to animation. Filmexport Group has also enlarged its interests in the area of motion picture business with the production and co-production of Italian and European feature films by their associate company PRODUCTION GROUP, founded in 1982. As well lately, Filmexport has started, with its associate company PLANET PICTURES, an additional activity in the acquisition of international feature films for domestic theatrical distribution. During the years, since founded, Filmexport Group has fulfilled more than 35,000 license agreements with clients from all over the world. From marketing to sales, servicing, deliveries, and accounting, all aspects of the international program sales are handled by in-house executives, a staff that is considered to be one of the best in the Italian business. Filmexport regularly attend major international film and television markets, such as the AFM (Santa Monica), EFM (Berlin), Marché du Film (Cannes), MIPCOM, MIPTV, NATPE...