DARK POWERS a film by Giuseppe Ferrara

Italy is one of the great cross-roads of illegal routes of dirty money coming from the Middle East and Western Europe trade of arms and drugs as well as from national criminal organization like Mafia. This considerable amount of cash needs rapid cleaning and recycling, a process which is possible only thanks to the complicity of the Great Powers, that dangerous intertwining of Intelligence Service, Political Forces and Criminal Organizations, whose official and precise duty should be repressing that illegal activity they themselves commit as some of their high-rank officials are corrupted. This is the setting of the film which starts with a car bomb commissioned by the Mafia which is following a precise plan. According to this plan,, the author of the massacre should go and give himself up to the Intelligence Services only to denounce a very important Mafia boss, Beppe Fossati as the mandatory of the massacre. As a matter of fact. Fossati has become a real menace for some top-ranking officials of the Secret Service as he owns a computer diskette with the list of all those who benefited from the secret funds. The list contains the names of important national political personalities so Fossati has to be arrested and made 'commit suicide' as soon as possible. But a very skilled and honest Intelligence Services investigator has been appointed to the case...

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