Code 519

THE JAIL – WOMEN’S HELL a film by Vincent Dawn

On a steamboat sailing down a river there are three young women in chains and guarded by a warder. Their names are Jennyfer, Carol and Lisa and all three of them are convicted of serious crimes. The prison they are being taken to is ironically called “home of the lost souls”. Their first impact with the prison is quite upsetting as they assist to a punishment by the directress to one of the prisoners while they also have to go through a series of check-ups including a rather rough gynaecological test with the only aim to humiliate their personalities. Jennyfer Carol and Lisa try to comfort their cell-mates amongst which are two leaders: Monica a veteran, ready to protect her and Valery, spy of the directress. During the night, the three new prisoners are taken by the warders to the office of the directress where they are introduced to the captain of the garrison and they are forced to prostitute theirselves in a night club. The day after, Jennyfer and her mates are told to bury a prisoner who had died recently and they discover with horror that the field where they are located is an enormous graveyard. Carol after a quarrel with Valery is locked in the so-called “devil’s home” the cell with blades on its walls whereas Jennyfer and Lisa are forced to prostitute themselves in the club whose owner is the garrison commander. Jennyfer refuses to organise for him a ‘special party’ for very rich people but when she refuses she is forced to assist to the death of a young prisoner In the meantime Carol is , almost dead from the “devil’s home” but is saved from lashing by the commander. They spend their days in violence, abuses and horror until one day, a prisoner before dying reveals the escape plan of Monica and the others but Valery, spoilt by the directress informs her of the possible escape that is being planned. But the spy is savagely beaten to death by the other prisoners and her corpse is exposed in the refectory as a warning to all the prisoners. Jennyfer decides to try the escape planned by Monica. In order to achieve her plan she agrees to organise the “orgy” for the commander as long as she can decide who can participate. After the sex and drugs orgy, while all the men are fast asleep, the women escape and find themselves running in the jungle without knowing where to go…


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