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    ORDERS ARE ORDERS a film by Franco Giraldi

    Giorgia is a peaceful young married woman, faithful, happy and in love with her husband who is a bank executive in a small town. After accidentally taking part to a feminist movement meeting which insists on women’s rights, the young woman suddenly hears a voice ordering her to go out. Giorgia puts a controversial but useless resistance, and ends up by obeying. By now every act is carried out mechanically, independently of her own will. A series of strange facts occur, ending up with an attempt to kill her husband. They marriage breaks up and Giorgia is free to start a new life, take a new home and look for new love relationship with somebody who is respectful of women’s rights. Thus she must take great care in the choice of the right man. The latter appears in the guise of a sculptor who fully shares the ideas of the Women’s Movement. But even Mario’s relationship with Giorgia is to finish very soon. In fact the voice which had given her orders, comes to life again and pushes her toward another absurd adventure.