BODY AND SOUL 2 a film by Vincent Dawn

Ljuba, twenty years old, a very beautiful girl and life lover, works as a welder in a Czech Republic steel-works. Because of some pictures published on a western magazine, she is asked to go to Rome where she agrees a contract as a model thanks to Tony, an ambiguos man involved in spectacle. In Rome Ljuba shares the apartment with Masha, a very transgressive girl without inhibition at all. During a dinner in a typical restaurant, Ljuba meets Boris, a very smart, refined and adventurer man. She falls in love with him at first sight but after a short but deep love relation she finds herself, unawares, involved in Boris' dirty affairs regarding strategic material's commerce. But suddenly after a long, sensual night love, he desappears without leaving any trace. She still does not know that she has got mixed up in a very dangerous system. An international organisation, leaded by Viktor, has to give some uranium bars, stolen from Boris, to an important Middle East country. Tony works for them and everybody is sure that Ljuba is Boris' covering in such affairs. Tony, who increases his incomes obliging her models to sex relations with important people, forces Ljuba and her friend Masha, to partecipate in a drug party during which Viktor, introducing himself under false name, will profit by the beatuful Ljuba. Boris sudenly appears and seduces her again asking a favour. She has to go to a suburbs factory where a man would give her a bag containing documents. Ljuba accepts but, during the mission, she is raped by Boris' suspicious friend. While coming back Ljuba is forced to get in a car going to gloomy building where she is hard questioned by Viktor. Ljuba desperately reaches Tony who promices to her a false identity document but she has to spend the night with him. Tony shows what he truly is:…a depraved. Disgusted, Ljuba escapes. The same night she tries to get in touch with Masha as she needs money to leave Italy. Masha stops a transgressive love relation promising Ljuba that she would have reached her the morning after. But she doesn't. Then Ljuba runs towards home but, once nearby, a violente explosion destroys the apartment by killing her friend. Now the only thing Lyuba can do, is to submit herself to Tony's obscene proposal. But when she discovers that Tony is her friend's murder instigator , she kills him without pity. Now Ljuba decides to be cunning: she goes to Viktor's home and starts to play erotic games. Than she gives him an uranium sample, stolen from Tony's home, and, before leaving, she set an appointment with him in order to give the other uranium bars. There is only Ljuba at the meeting but the metal box is empty. Ljuba is afraid. She tries to escape but Viktor stops her with a pistol. There is a shot. Boris appears at Viktor's shoulders with a pistol as well. Ljuba has a violent reaction. She hits Boris on his face asking an explanation. Later, after making love until the end of their sex and passion thirst, Ljuba asks Boris about their future. The man's reaction is cynical. He says to leave the country again and, once sold the uranium to the best bidder, he would be back to her, ready to be reach and happy together. At these words Ljuba's face remains impasive, with no expression, with a glassy stare. She is fed up of Boris' cynism and tried to wait. Ljuba grips the pistol towards her lover… 



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