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    THE LAST HAREM a film by Willy S. Regan

    1981. Laura is one of the most beautiful famous and expensive photographic models in the world. She arrives in Cannes to pose for a series of photos by a well-known photog-rapher. There she meets Almalarik, oil minister of an emirate in the Middle East. Almalarik, a man of exquisite taste, handsome, educated in Oxford goes all out to win the girl and, after a hectic courtship, falls in love with her. Laura falls in love with him and they marry. After a happy honeymoon the couple make the trip to the emirate. Once there, Lau-ra receives an unpleasant surprise: Almalarik already has three wives? What’s more, he has harem “favourites”, as well as concubines. All of those, Laura sees, are women of rare beauty who live in luxurious pavilion of the ancient palace-fortress which belongs to Alma-larik. Laura cannot accept the idea of being closed in a harem, just one among many, like a prisoner. But Aisha, Almalarik’s first wife, and the Greek, one of the concubines explain to her that that’s the way things are and she might as well accept the situation. Above all, she had better not try to escape from the palace, which is in the middle of the desert. To do so would mean almost certain death. Against her will, Laura does her best to adjust the harem life sharing the sexual and psycho-logical frustrations of over twenty women, all of them tied to one man. But Laura just can’t take the life a harem inmate; for her in is more and more like that of a prisoner .One night, together with the Greek, she makes a desperate try at escape. They ‘re captured, and the Greek, rather than face the ritual punishment meted out to capture es-capees, chooses to take her life, by cutting the veins in her wrists. Meanwhile, investigators have been on the tracks of Sara, a very beautiful young woman with whom Almalarik has long been in love. She had been able to escape from there over two years ago and had escaped detection. However, she is located in a villa, and AImala-rik is informed.
    Alamlarik immediately has himself token to this villa where he intends killing Sara. But find-ing himself in front of her overwhelming beauty, warm and sensual, he realises that he is still deeply tied to her by what is for a sincere love. They make love, and Sara says she’s willing to return to Almalarik’s palace on the condition that he dissolves the harem, keeping her as his only wife. Almalarik, after a bit of hes-itation, agrees. Returning to the palace, Almalarik tells his wives, his favourites and his concubines, that they’re all free to go. That night Sara is killed. Almalarik in his desperate sorrow carries the lifeless body of the woman he loved into the desert, and before burying her he puts on one of her fingers a ring which for him represents the sign of an everlasting and superior love. Almalarik then returns to the palace, calls in all his women and threatens them with death if Sara’s assassin doesn’t come forward. He’ll have one woman killed each day. This threat throws the women of the harem into desperation and leads to dramatic fights between them. Even so, after having passed several days in a nomad camp, Almalarik returns, realising that by now nothing can bring Sara back to him, and that taking his revenge on the harem would be useless and inhuman. Convinced of this, he returns with renewed hope for the future to the harem, where he meets with all his women who fill the room and surround him. Before he can speak and tell them of his decision, they attack him with daggers, but in the last moment arrives Laura and saves him. We understand that they begin a new life to-gether.