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    SANTANA CLEANS UP a film by Rafael Romero Marchent

    Santana and Mike are the terror of the Green City country – and the best of friends. Together with Fred and Rocky Burton they pull off a very rewarding bank robbery. But, sad to say, they get caught and anguish under lock and key in Sheriff Laughton’s jailhouse. Santana isn’t the man to put up for long with such a setback and he breaks out, leaving Mike behind. Mike, too, is soon free thanks to the abetment of Deputy Sheriff Smithy – a reasonably minded fellow. As a matter of course they end up back in Santana’s company to rendezvous with Rocky Morgan in Piedra Negras. Here they discover that their booty is in Fred’s hands – and he has lit out on the stage. But someone else is wise to what’s afoot – Richard Kirby and his sons. Mercilessly killing all the passenger including Fred, they take over the stagecoach and the loot. In the meantime, Mike Santana and Maria, a girl who has attached her to them, shake off Deputy Smiley and ride to Denver to wait for the Kirby gang. After a wild shoot-out the booty falls back into their bands. But they hadn’t reckoned with Maria who plans to keep it for her alone; duping the pair of them she makes of with all the money. Some years later we find out that Maria has invested their dollars wisely; she runs an elegant gambling saloon – which only adds to Mika and Sartana’s thirst for revenge. They raze the saloon to the ground. But as luck will have it, Sheriff Laughton and his men have them surrounded yet again. And so our heroes find themselves back in the unhappy situation where we met them at the beginning of their turbulent adventure…