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    Code 273

    SABATA IS ARRIVING a film by Tulio De Micheli

    Sabata and Mangusta, on board of a Ford car, are going to rob a Bank. Then the young and unscrupulous Peter persuades them to attack a van, in which he has to transfer 300.000 dollars. Having carried this out, the three of them ore chased in vain by a certain Garfield, with whom Peter had had an agreement, but the latter has swindled him instead. Peter avoids the share – out, asserting that the money is marked. The three of them decide to go and hide it in Sabata’s farm , but in order to get there, they risk being hung for a crime they did not commit. Garfield arrives with his men and saves them, naturally all to his own advantage, in order to recover the money, but he and his men are buried under the ruins of a mine that collapses and caves in. On the farm, Peter tries to trap Sabata’s sister and Mangusta attempts to surprise them and take advantage of the circumstances to get away with the money. Sabata and Peter track him down in Mexico, but they are taken prisoners. Meanwhile, Garfield, the only survivor from the mine, arrives with armed ‘professionals’, who kill Mangusta’s supporters and capture the latter, thus getting back the money. But Sabata and Peter, having got free meantime, remain masters of the field. Sabata tries to comfort the dying Mangusta and Peter uses the chance to kill him, but Sabata engages in a furious struggle with Peter and kills him, while the money ends up in the fire and burns.