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    PASSION’S FLOWER a film by Joe D’Amato

    The years spent in prison were a hard time for Jeff. The sight of that wom-an standing near the petrol pump roused desires that had been repressed for far too long. A beautiful lady of class, too much for a guy like him! Jeff can’t believe his eyes, the woman offers him a lift, stops in a concealed spot and offers herself to him without reservations. Jeff can’t believe his eyes when the beautiful lady leaves him in the lurch soon as he gets out of the car. Jeff resumes hitching and gets to the drugstore belonging to his brother Gor-don, who hardly manages to conceal his surprise at seeing him there. After an initial moment embarrassment, Gordon offers Jeff o chance to stay with him for a while. He needed someone to tidy the place up. Gordon is obviously proud to introduce his wife to Jeff, who is truly amazed. Gordon’s wife, Linda is none other than the woman at the filling station. But the woman’s totally detached and quite relaxed behaviour mode Jeff hesitates for a moment. When old Maggie’s niece arrives at the drugstore, the situation gets even more complicated. Jeff in fact goes with the girl quite openly, thus trying to provoke a jealous reaction in Linda, who he feels is not totally insensitive. And this provocation works. Linda counter-attacks during a game of poker, when she plays a dirty trick on the boy. Passion bursts forth once more, and this time Linda lets herself go more intimately by telling Jeff about her unhappy childhood, her meeting Gordon and her despair, Linda paints a new picture of Gordon to Jeff depicting him as violent and quite capable of killing them if he got to know about their relationship. If Gordon were to dice, they could live their love together quite happily… These words frighten and worry Jeff, who leaves Linda to go back to Jamie. Jeff realises that he was just a puppet in Linda’s hands. Yes, Linda already knew who he was when she seduced him at the filling sta-tion, she knew about his past and was already planning to do away with her husband with his help. There’s no point in Linda insisting on denying the truth and crying out that she loves him… Jeff is already far away hitching a ride on the highway. doesn’t know where he’s going, but all that matters is hitching a lift far away from here… Far away from Linda…