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MONAMOUR a film by Tinto Brass

“ MONAMOUR” is the love-story of a Venetian girl – MARTA – and a Frenchman – LEON (hence the Franco-Venetian crasis of the title combining the terms “mona>” (cunt) and “amour”.The story takes place in Mantua, a city rich in cultural evocativeness and sensual stimuli from food, music, art, the frescoes of Giulio Romano, etc., at the “Festivaletteratura”, held there every August.Its duration (5 days) conditions and underlines the relationship between Marta and Leon, conferring on it the romantic flavour of a “brief encounter” brought to incandescence by the precariousness of the circumstances.Not least the presence of DARIO, Marta’s Milanese husband, too tied up in his duties as an editorial manager to be aware of his wife’s sexual and sentimental drifting.Her adultery – all in all, a repetitive and almost banal occurrence – assumes an enigmatic and unexplored importance thanks to the progressive slide from paranoid jealousy of one who feels himself betrayed, in that intriguing and surprising aphrodisiac of one discovers the fascination of lies, as spies of the unconfessed desires of his partner.As it happens to Dario when he finds Marta’s diary, the pages of which reveal to him the intoxication of the prohibited, the vertigo of suspicio and the voluptuousness of doubt, inflaming him with renewed passion for her and giving the proceedings the pressing suspence of an erotic-psychological thriller.


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