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    Code 177

    LOVE PROJECT a film by Joe D’Amato

    Karen is a forty-year old woman who works in one of the largest hospitals in the town. She has an affair with Alan, the head physician of the same hospital. One day she meets Dennis, a handsome young man, very self-confident with whom she falls in love. Karen is aware that Dennis is not the right man for her because he is so much younger and tries to break off this relationship. At first she succeeds in leaving the youngster and goes back to Alan; but after some time she cannot resist her love far Dennis and is unable to break off this new relationship. But one evening Karen and Dennis quarrel and he leaves her home to look far Andie, a girl he knew before meeting Karen. He finds Andie with one of his friends, Brian. Dennis becomes jealous and, wanting to teach Brian a lesson, challenges him to a car race. During this race Dennis is seriously injured and taken to the hospital where Karen works. There Alan operates on him and saves his life. Later Karen goes to see Dennis in his room and sees Andie nursing him with tender care. It is obvious that Andie is deeply in love and Karen releases that she should go away.