ZOMBIE 3 a film by Lucio Fulci

We are in an area of Southeast Asia during a weekend. A group of boys and girls decide to spend two days in a hotel on the riverbank. But something terrible is going to happen. A poisoned cloud of unknown origin carries with it a virus that attacks every kind of animal. Birds, dogs, household pets and wild beasts attack human beings and contaminate them. This virus has a devastating effect on humans. Whoever has been infected dies in dreadful pain and revives again in the horrible shape of a zombie, "a living dead". These zombies feed on human flesh and multiply so rapidly that it is almost impossible for the few survivors to save them-selves. Only about ten boys succeed in escaping into a type of fort. But here also a throng of "mon-sters" who kill almost all of them will attack them. At the end the only survivors are a boy, a girl and a child who escape in a helicopter but here also they face a perilous future. Perhaps the whole world is already contaminated...

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