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    HITCHER IN THE DARK a film by Humphrey Humbert

    A camper under the sun is running along a highway in the U.S. The driver is Mark, a young man with a shady and tormented expression. When the young hitchhiker nods to him to stop, Mark gives her a lift. During the night, the camper parked in the middle of the woods resounds with a cry of terror, the young hitcher is dead, her half-naked body torn to pieces with scissors. Mark is the guilty one. The young man gets rid of the corpse of his victim, throwing it into a marsh, as food for the crocodiles. Then he continues his trip of death. The day after, a pretty seventeen-year-old is given a lift on the camper; she’s Danie-la Foster, just leaving a camping after quarrelling with Kevin, her boyfriend. Mark devises a stratagem and kidnaps her. His confused, schizophrenic mind identifies Daniela with his mother of Russian origin, Daniela that abandoned him when he was only a child. From now on begins the distressing odyssey of the young girl. Any and all her at-tempts to escape end up only in letting Mark fly into a rage and lose his temper, until after narcotising her he cuts and dyes her hair, in order to make her similar to his mother portrayed in an old photo. Tortured and deprived of her own identity, Daniela realises she is like a fly trapped into a spider’s web… she tries any possible attempt to escape and recover her free-dom, from flattery to erotic seduction, from violent rebellion to discussing terms. But all is useless. In a gathering of dramatic situations full of suspense, her boyfriend, manages to set her free, the two escape from the camper but Mark is stronger than them and manages to catch them again. Their escape ends up in tragedy. Mark tortures Kevin to death while Daniela surrenders to the excess of sedatives that Mark has forced her to take. The young man gets rid of their bodies. With oxyhydrogen flame he welds Kevin’s body inside an old car, while for lack of time he is forced to hide Daniela’s body under a wreckage… One month later, on his camper, Mark is once again preying and looking for young pretty girls. A young hitcher, with a big straw-hat hiding her face beckons him to stop. Mark blocks the camper with a delighted smile. There is something he ig-nores… Who’s asking for a lift this time…IS DEATH!