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    HOT STEPS a film by Gerry Lively

    Another in an endless series of battles takes place between Juan and Kevin, who never lose a chance to compete against each other. The epic clash scheduled to pit Juan and Kevin and their two groups against each other is called the “Hot Steps Contest” a dance competition to be held at the Neptune, the disco where the two bands have often been involved in heated brawls. Luck is on Juan’s side when he meets Mayra, an attractive young, unattached dancer who agrees to be his partner in the competition, increasing Juan’s chances of success with her own talents. The relationship between Juan and Mayra becomes strained and Kevin takes advantage of the situation to steal away his rival’s girl. Finding himself without a partner for the competition, Juan is demoralised. Nancy, Kevin’s little sister who feels more than simple friend-ship towards Juan, offers to dance with him, promising she will try her hardest to reach his level of excellence. Kevin and his group go out and put on a very successful show Juan and his group come on stage. Timid, little Nancy has changed almost beyond recognition, turning into a truly sexy creature at Kevin’s side. Following a shakily start, the two dance in perfect harmony, putting on a breath taking show. Kevin and Mayra, are no longer so confident about winning the con test.