CRIMEN MONSTERS OF CRIME a film by Gabriele Grisanti


1. CRIME AND THE DEATH PENALTY Beccaria and Lombroso – Criminal minds – The Inquisition and sacred torture – The guillottine - Hanging – The electric chair – The gas chamber – The firing squad – Stoning – Islamic decapitation.

2. CRIMINAL SUPERSTAR Banditism – Killers of the Far West – Jesse James – Billy the Kid – Calamity Jane – The Dalton brothers – Bonnie and Clyde – Dillinger – Al Capone – Bugsy Siegal, criminal croupier – Hollywood crime scene.

3. SERIAL KILLERS Burke and Hare, the body snatchers – Jack the ripper – Landru, romance and murder – Henry Holmes, torturer – De Salvo, the Boston strangler – Ted Bundy, rapist in the night – Aileen Wournos, killer prostitute.

4. SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT Witches and pacts with the devil – Voodoo – Satanism and blackmass – Beasts of satan – Criminal satanism of youth – Berkowitz “ son of Sam” – Ramirez the beautiful demon – Charles Manson, the devil’s madman.

5. VAMPIRES AND HUMAN FLESH EATERS Erwsebet Batory, the vampire – Dracul – Bocassa, cannibal emperor – Leonarda Cianciulli, soap inserter – Jeffrey Dahmer, athropopago - Ed Gein and Albert Fish, skin strippers – Andrei Chikatilo, devourer of children.

6. PEDOPHILIA AND CRIMES OF PERVERSION Gilles de Rais, mass murder – Pedophilia and child prostitution – Sadism and masochism – Benet Ramsay, baby star, John Wayne Gacy, clown of death.

7. TERRORISM MASSACRES AND WAR CRIMES Terrorist organizations – Revolution – Anarchy – Mafia and political massacres – Tokyo and the “ truth of amun” – The terrorism of aggression – Vietnam – Afghanistan – Iraq – Guantanamo – Decapitation on camera.

8. NARCOTICS CRIME AND DRUG RELATED MURDER Cultivation and attempted crop destruction – Sacred use of drugs and it’s criminal transformation – The battle of synthetic drugs – Las mulas and the containers corpses.

9. THE MAFIA AND CRIMINALITY The blessed of Paoli and the Sicilian Mafia – Bosses of the bosses – The chinese Triads – The Yakusa – The north american Mafia – The south american Cartelles – The new Mafia – The alliance between the Mafia, terrorism and religious fundamentalism.

10. ANGEL KILLERS AND KILLER ANGELS The story of Colombine – The “ baby killers” “niňos sicarios” “ gamines” – Murderous mothers – The Beslan massacre – Innocent victims of war aggression and occupation.

DIRECTED BYGabriele Crisanti
CASTClaudio Capone (voice)
PRODUCERGabriele Crisanti
TIME10 EP. 45'

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