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    YO-RHAD AND THE ASTROMAVERICKS a film by Camillo Teti

    Aboard a meteorite called Andèsite travel Yo-darh and the Tarkussians, the last survivors of an alien civilization that lived on a distant planet recently destroyed. They are searching for a new home in the universe, a planet to colonize. But Andèsite is big enough to alert the world’s powers, ready to nuke it out of existence if it threatens life on Earth. Yoh-darh and the Tarkussians are in grave danger. They need help. To their rescue come Jason, an eleven-year-old kid with a passion for space, and his granpa, George. Together, they will overcome thousands of obstacles to help the Tarkussians by-pass Earth’s orbit and find a new home somewhere beyond the solar system. YO-DARH AND THE ASTROMAVERICKS is a fascinating story about friendship and solidarity. It deals with some of the most crucial themes of our time – man’s place in the universe, the conquest of space, defending planet Earth, the relationship between different cultures, a child’s desire do dream. The plot is at times gut-wrenchingly scary, at times maddengly funny, suspenseful and unpredictable, as the story dynamically progresses to its tear-jerking, emotional finale.