THE STRANGER a film by César Rodríguez

Jean Louis, 36, owns a successful publishing house in Santo Domingo. He is traumatized by his ex-wife’s accident after the divorce. Every week, he goes to visit her at the facility where she remains hospitalized. He is a loner feeling overwhelmed by work and the IT novelties that are slowly offsetting the publishing business. In an attempt to get his mind off things, he decides to spend a long week at his family’s villa in Casa de Campo: an exclusive tourism complex located on the eastern region of the country. At the entry of the resort, he runs into a beautiful and intriguing woman named Rosa, whom he had briefly seen before at a restaurant in the capital. This girl is quite stunning with long black hair and a distinguishing white forelock. This unlikely encounter between such different characters will set in motion a passionate yet mysterious love affair. Jean Louis’s perception of Rosa is so bizarre and her life story is so contradictory, that he will constantly question whether he is living a reality, a dream or a nightmare.

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El film dominicano seleccionado entre 500 películas procedentes de más de 80 países se presentó hoy sábado 12 de noviembre del 2015 en el Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre con una excelente acogida del público de Nassau.
"La Extraña" compitió por la República Dominicana para el Gran Premio del Jurado en la Categoría "New Visions", nominación considerada como un escaparate para los artistas emergentes que proporciona al público la oportunidad de descubrir una nueva generación de cineastas visionarios.

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